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The Electric Universe - NASA photo of nebula

The Electric Universe model holds that there is a relationship between the Sun, planets, and perhaps the “lesser sun” we now know as Saturn. The relationship between these planets is electric vs. gravity-based in nature. Anciently,   Earth would have been a very different place to live this period of time is referred to as the “Golden Age”. Understanding the origins of mythologies and man’s relationship with the ancient sky has much more meaning when understood through the lens of an Electric Universe model. There would have been different shapes of plasma discharges emanating from heavenly these bodies and these heavenly bodies became deities, marks of the season or even a harbingers of destruction.
We here at Lost River Legends, we have reached out and developed a good relationship with Michael Armstrong. He is a key member of the Thunderbolts Project. In the project’s infancy he was at the crossroads and rubbed shoulders with Anthony Parrat, David Talbot, Wal Thornhill and others. 
He is a major proponent of the Saturnian Reconstruction movement which acknowledges an alternative cosmology of a “polar configuration” of Saturn, Venus and Mars. Some of the theories held by Velikovsky in “Worlds in Collision” have been supported by additional research from Wal Thornhill and others; there has been some very strong evidence to suggest we live in an Electric Universe.

Michael Armstrong is an original member of the thunderbolts.info editorial staff and has a formal science background in chemistry. He has studied the catastrophism reconstruction model for over 40 years and has lectured on catastrophism material at an international conference sponsored by the province of Milano, Italy and hosted by the University of Milano/Bergamo. Michael is the producer of various related video material and publisher of the books Thunderbolts of the Gods, The Electric Sky, and The Electric Universe.

Michael Currently spends his time pondering the bigger questions about who we are in the universe and how do we find peace and understanding in this chaotic world. His passion is philosophical and spiritual in nature. You can find his work on the subject at IfISeeU.com.
He also runs Mikimar Publishing which can be found at: mikamar.biz

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