S2 E8: Djinn, “The Other”, and Consciousness with Josh Cutchin

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Welcome to Lost River Legends. In this episode, James and I talk with Joshua Cutchin. Joshua is very well rounded when it comes to the world of the paranormal. He’s able to research, process and discuss just about anything in the field. Joshua has solidified his investigative skills for focusing up the castaway or never discussed odd topics of the paranormal and diving really deep with them. As he does this, he sheds a never before seen light on these odd facets of these phenomena. For example — in one of his books titled The Brimstone Deceit — Joshua writes about odors associated with the paranormal – like, spiritual encounters, UFOs and Sasquatch. Joshua has been on C2C am multiple times, has appeared on Ancient Aliens, and has appeared as a guest on podcasts like Strange Familiars and Sasquatch Chronicles.

Today, we invited Joshua onto Lost River Legends to discuss the Djinn. Djinn or the anglicized version, genie, are supposedly supernatural creatures in the pre-Islamic mythology and theology. In some accounts, these creatures are or were, part of the creation and are neither inherently good nor are they inherently evil. However, many witness accounts of these beings lean towards them being malevolent. They have been known to appear as animals, like snakes, owls and black dogs, or even as sand storms or mists in the desert.
These creatures are also tied to wizardry and even witchcraft — and some stories tell of ancient sorcerers conjuring the djinn into existence and forcing the being to perform orders. Such summonings were done by invocation, by aid of talismans in order to make initial contact.
Today, we talk about these creatures in an attempt to understand if they are merely haunted spirits located in another part of the world, or something more sinister and dark. Even though our primary focus on this episode is on djinn, we do talk about other subjects during our conversation. We hope you enjoy this episode and thanks for listening to Lost River Legends.