S2 E4: Gary Wayne Part 2: Agents of Chaos

Gary Wayne

Welcome back to the show for part 2 of our interview with Gary Wayne, Author of The Genesis 6 Conspiracy

With the prehistory groundwork laid, we reach deep into his knowledge and repertoire and despite some curve balls, Gary doesn’t miss a beat!

We discuss the overarching conspiracy as it has made its way into the mystery schools including the Templars, Rosicrucians, Opus Dei, the Jesuits, Freemasons and other adept secret knowledge societies. 

The Gnostic Polytheists have sought to restore Babylon through different means and to influence the timeline of prophesied events found in the Bible.
These agents of chaos have a pattern of attempting to summon ancient gods of the Pantheon and to invoke their powers on earth. Is this pattern still happening? We discuss the Tower of Babel as a stargate, the establishment of King Nimrod only 100 years after the flood.

In an effort to scratch that curiosity itch, we discuss the hollow earth, the Thule and Vril secret societies and the ancient Ariosophy as carried out by the rogue Nazis and talk about some of the implications of that coming overseas to the United States.

Listen closely as many connecting points are made. We couldn’t be more excited to have Gary on our show!