S2 E3: Gary Wayne Part 1: The Expanding Lens of Pre-history

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Gary Wayne

Gary Wayne, author of “The Genesis Six Conspiracy” discusses ancient pre-history, secret societies and their eventual resurfacing into modern day times.Today we welcome Gary Wayne to our show.

He is a self-described Christian contrarian and has used his analytic and pragmatic approach to piece together an overarching view of events in the Bible, which helps us understand more about the history of humankind.

Gary is the author of The Genesis 6 Conspiracy, and utilizes a scholarly approach and offers up some possible explanations behind the origins of fairy tales and cryptid creatures like the dog-man and Sasquatch.

In addition, the origins of the conspiracy have far more sinister implications. 

In this first of two parts we examine the overall landscape of prehistory, then move to the flood, schools of knowledge, the splitting of bloodlines, dynasties, genetic manipulation and more. 

Our approach to this subject, is that it is yet another tool to apply to the expanding lens of how we view the and understand the world and attempt to satisfy an insatiable appetite for curiosity.