S2 E2: Paranormal Magnet

Paranormal Magnet

In this episode, our close friend, Joe, sits down with James to discuss the myriad of paranormal and deeply spiritual experiences he’s had throughout this life. Imagine growing up with poltergeists in the home, strange visitors waking you, experiencing leaving your body, and having a deep knowing with those who have passed. These things were all his “normal” growing up, and it is just the tip of the iceberg for him.

Joe is a close friend and great sounding board for us and our show, he is also a great contributor and passenger on our curiosity journey. We have been around him when people from the other side reach out for contact. It’s an attuned skill and talent. We trust his experience, and know in some cases it’s something he never asked for.

In this episode we cover Joe’s background and experiences surrounding the paranormal happenings of his frightening childhood encounters with gray aliens. A couple of detailed UFO sightings, including the Phoenix Lights.

We also discuss some darker and stranger subjects. Listeners beware! These bone-chilling experiences are not for the faint of heart. A dark and malevolent being garbed in black attire has made suppressive visits. We discuss the effect of abuse and the journey of healing. Perhaps or someone you know can benefit from listening to what Joe has to say. Thank you Joe for sharing and for your message of hope and healing!

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