S2 E11: Saturn’s Death Cult with Troy D. McLachlan, Pt2

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MK Ultra and Monarch Programming orgins of control and symbolism

Welcome to the latest episode of Lost River Legends. Thank you for listening. James and I hope you are all well and in good spirits. In this 2nd of a two part episode we continue our conversation with Troy McClachlan about the Saturn Death Cult. And in this conversation, he surmises that this ancient cult is obsessed with human enslavement to enrich themselves with money and world power. He also believes that they are obsessed with human ritualistic sacrifice and death; especially child sacrifice and murder.  Listeners should be aware that this episode contains content and themes that may be disturbing in nature. Listener discretion is advised.

Troy is the author of The Saturn Death Cult and The Purple Dawn of Creation. We want to thank Troy for being our guest on this two part series and for sharing this information with us. Thank you for listening to Lost River Legends and enjoy the show.

(All original artwork owned by and courtesy of Troy D. McLachlan. All rights reserved).