S2 E10: Earth’s Primordial Dawn with Troy D. McLachlan, Pt1

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Purple Dawn of Creation

Our guest today is Troy McLachlan and in today’s episode, we talk more about the EU. If you haven’t already done so, please listen to episode 9 from season two. In that episode we lay the groundwork of the  EU (Electric Universe) theory with Michael Armstrong and answer basic questions about what it is.

In this first episode of a two part conversation, we spend a vast majority of our time on pre-history and discussing what Troy calls, “the primordial dawn” that followed a cataclysmic creation and allowed for the “Golden Age” of mankind to come about. We discuss the theory of the “Polar Configuration” of the planets and the impact Saturn was having on the Earth. Troy’s access and recall to biblical texts, interpretations of texts and chronologies is astounding. The natural flow of our conversation allowed for us to discuss the Nephilim, who was Cain’s wife and more. Buckle up because we explore realms that might make you question history or even your own reality. 

Troy is the author of The Saturn Death Cult and The Purple Dawn of Creation. We want to thank Troy for being our guest on this two part series and for sharing this information with us. Thank you for listening to Lost River Legends and enjoy the show.

(All original artwork owned by and courtesy of Troy D. McLachlan. All rights reserved).