S1 E3: Duke Sullivan – World Bigfoot Radio

Brian (Duke) Sullivan

Brian “Duke” Sullivan is a popular Bigfoot Researcher from Montana, USA. He saw his first Bigfoot in 1972 when he was just ten years old. Duke has been researching Bigfoot for well over 40 years and has multiple sightings. His intense interest in Bigfoot revolves around the behavioral attributes of these creatures vs. proving their existence.

Duke’s Facebook Bigfoot group is called Montana Bigfoot Project. He also hosts a podcast called World Bigfoot Radio and field research videos. Duke is also an extremely well versed and self described conspiracy theorist and has collaborated with Wes Germer from Sasquatch Chronicles on programs such as “Duke’s Conspiracy Corner” and “The Renegade” podcast as well as being a frequent guest on Sasquatch Chronicles, in addition to being a guest on Strange Familiars and The Bigfoot Outlaws.

You can support Duke, by subscribing to his channel on YouTube or visiting his website World Bigfoot Central.

Duke’s Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCcMS…

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