S1 E21: Miles Johnston – The Bases Project UK

Miles Johnston - The Bases Project UK

Miles Johnston was gracious enough to have a Skype call with us and cover some fantastic information. A roadmap of historical context and import unfolds as Miles presents insights and details that have hitherto gone unnoticed or connected. The message of hope in humanity as we join together in peaceful and loving efforts to make the planet a better place and the realistic ramifications that the forces of darkness have if we do not succeed makes for an in-depth and intense interview. We urge you to listen to it more than once and grasp the information he is presenting and how it may change your paradigm at present.

Miles Johnston Bio:
Miles started UFO research at school, in Belfast, after his physics teacher rubbished it rather too much. This led to a double page spread in the Belfast newspapers, and appearance on local UTV, when in 5th form.
Rapidly, the Irish UFO Research Centre was formed, while at the Ulster Polytechnic doing Electrical and Electronic Engineering.  Miles became Regional Investigations coordinator for BUFORA, and he affiliated with the Dublin research group Spectrum.  A career in Electronic and broadcast engineering commenced building telephone exchanges for BT.  While in Dublin, 1977 he became involved in a pirate radio station called Big D.  Miles then started chronicling the stations there in the Irish Era of Pirate Radio, as he was fascinated in Radio Caroline, built in Carlingford Lough, decades later to be found as ET underground base linked with the bases in England under the Lake District.

He then joined the BBC in 1982, and continued his pirate station broadcasting role in Dublin and then started my own pirates in Belfast (B96) and then the huge border blaster stations Kiss FM 103.7, and later Energy 106.6, transmitting over 1 millions watts of pirate radio power even as far as Scotland and England.

There was clear ET involvement with the stations. Seeing a massive shadow spider crawling like a crab in a transmitter alerted him to very serious issues. His mate Energy 106’s ’ LJ the DJ’ was abducted 4 times near the station at St Patrick’s Chair and well.  By this time, Miles was at SKY News and SKY SPORTS, for over 20n years. Where I was asked to give advice on many UFO documentaries for SKY News and Sky One, which are available under different titles to this day.  The ETs involved with LJ took his friend via an interdimensional portal.  So it’s clear the ETs are from around here not just “out there.”

The Irish Era camera was one day used to interview a security guard from a base called AL-499, underground not far from the village of Peasemore. This commenced the now 25-year plus Bases Project, which has never looked back.  The details in that interview and subtle connections and issues show clearly “No Defence Significance” is telling us the authorities are heavily involved with a wide number of ET beings, and many of these issues are complex and deadly.  ET is NOT a 3D issue!

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