S1 E13: A “Bigfoot Extravaganza” with Bill Sheehan – Part I

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Bill Sheehan

We welcome Bill Sheehan back to our show for a “Bigfoot Extravaganza”. Bill shares some stories that are completely mind-blowing and we chat about some of the characteristics of Sasquatch that we see displayed as a common thread.

W.J. Sheehan (Bill) is the compiler and author and of 5 volumes of Sasquatch experiences meticulously captured in his series of Bigfoot Terror in the Woods: Sightings and Encounters. His books offer a variety of astounding encounters and jaw dropping accounts from everyday folks, from hikers, hunters and fishermen to boy scouts and farmers. Bill shares with us some of his amazing curated stories that you will not want to miss. If you think Bigfoot is a cuddly pop-culture icon, think again as your paradigm is about to make a Sasquatch-sized shift.

Bill’s work has been featured on Sasquatch Chronicles and Coast to Coast with George Noory. He is an expert marksman, loves to fish and enjoys birding. Bill has a new website to visit called buybigfootbooks.com . He also is the author and curator of The Prophetic Pundit where he shares his impressions and exhortations on Christianity from an invigorating perspective.

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