Season 2

Dark Waters

S2 E13: Silver Bullet Monsters with Dark Waters

In this episode, we discuss the entity known as dogman, or werewolf. DW himself has encountered one of these creatures and swears to their existence

Anki and Enlil Stargate

S2 E12: Stargate Portals with Tim Swartz

In today’s episode, we’re going to talk about Stargates. For those unfamiliar with what a stargate is, a stargate is a theoretical Einstein–Rosen bridge portal device...

MK Ultra and Monarch Programming orgins of control and symbolism

S2 E11: Saturn’s Death Cult with Troy D. McLachlan, Pt2

Welcome to the latest episode of Lost River Legends. Thank you for listening. James and I hope you are all well and in good spirits....

Purple Dawn of Creation

S2 E10: Earth’s Primordial Dawn with Troy D. McLachlan, Pt1

Our guest today is Troy McLachlan and in today’s episode, we talk more about the EU. If you haven’t already done so, please listen to episode 9...

The Electric Universe - NASA photo of nebula

S2 E9: The Electric Universe with Michael Armstrong

The Electric Universe model holds that there is a relationship between the Sun, planets, and perhaps the “lesser sun” we now know as Saturn. The...


S2 E8: Djinn, “The Other”, and Consciousness with Josh Cutchin

Welcome to Lost River Legends. In this episode, James and I talk with Joshua Cutchin. Joshua is very well rounded when it comes to the world of...

Owliens with Mike Clelland

S2 E7: Owliens with Mike Clelland

In this episode James visits with Mike Clelland author of The Messengers: Owls, Synchronicity and the UFO Abductee. We discuss some personal stories of our...

Mark O'Connell

S2 E6: Project Blue Book with Mark O’Connell

In this episode of Lost River Legends, we visit with Mark O’Connell. Mark is a screenwriter, teacher, and blogger. He wrote episodes for Star Trek: The Next Generation...

Fibbonaci Sequence Crop Circle

S2 E5: Patty Greer – Crop Circle Girl

In today’s episode, James visits with Patty Greer to discuss the unique characteristics of crop circles. What ARE those unique attributes of the crops circles?...

Gary Wayne

S2 E4: Gary Wayne Part 2: Agents of Chaos

Welcome back to the show for part 2 of our interview with Gary Wayne, Author of The Genesis 6 Conspiracy.  With the prehistory groundwork laid, we reach...

Gary Wayne

S2 E3: Gary Wayne Part 1: The Expanding Lens of Pre-history

Gary Wayne, author of “The Genesis Six Conspiracy” discusses ancient pre-history, secret societies and their eventual resurfacing into modern day times.Today we welcome Gary Wayne to our...

Paranormal Magnet

S2 E2: Paranormal Magnet

In this episode, our close friend, Joe, sits down with James to discuss the myriad of paranormal and deeply spiritual experiences he’s had throughout this...

fred orb

S2 E1: Strange Orb of Light On My Property

In our first episode from season 2, a listener of our show writes in about his encounter when he and his wife witnessed a large...