The earth we live on has many hidden secrets, countless paranormal stories and is filled with amazing, curious humans who are trying to find answers to life’s questions. At Lost River Legends we are no different. We believe an active curiosity to the unknown is ingrained in the human experience.

We hope you will join us on our journey to explore the lost legends of the earth by listening to past and future episodes. If you have had a paranormal experience, please contact us.

Rockwell integrated space plan
The Science of Fear
Halloween 2021 special
Jim Meyers
Valiant Thor
Beasts of Britain Map - courtesy of Andy McGrath
good v. evil
Lost River Peak
Dark Waters
Anki and Enlil Stargate
MK Ultra and Monarch Programming orgins of control and symbolism
Purple Dawn of Creation
The Electric Universe - NASA photo of nebula
Owliens with Mike Clelland
Mark O'Connell
Fibbonaci Sequence Crop Circle
Gary Wayne
Gary Wayne
Paranormal Magnet

S2 E2: Paranormal Magnet

fred orb
Andrew Florida
Miles Johnston - The Bases Project UK
Dr Lynne Kitei
Mary Joyce
Stan Gordon - PAUFO

S1 E17: Stan Gordon – PAUFO

Jeff Belanger
Bill Sheehan
Bill Sheehan
Laura Krantz
Dr. Jeff Meldrum
Brien Foerster
Brian (Duke) Sullivan
Bill Sheehan
Pete Travers on Lost River Legends